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How to find the Youtube Video share link:
1. Go to
2. Play a video
3. Go below the video
4. Click the "share" button
5. Done, You get a share box and share the link, Such as:

YouTube Tag Extractor - Get rid of the spammy YouTube tags and embeds quickly!

Introduction: Do you always have to worry about the spammy YouTube tags and embeds that clog up your channel? No problem! The YouTube Tag Extractor will take care of it for you. Just input the desired tags and extract them automatically. You’ll be able to quickly remove all the extra noise from your videos, so you can focus on what’s important—your content.

How to Remove All the Spammers' YouTube Tags.

1. Open a new file in your text editor and name it "spammers.js".

2. Copy and paste the following code into the file:

var tags = ["youtube","videos","flowers","quote_tag","gifs","lol"],"tagFilter = function(t) { return t !== "www."||t !== "youtube\."||t !== "videos"||t !== "flowers"||t !== "quote_tag"||t!== "gifs"||t!== "lol"; };

3. Save the file and close it.

4. Now open a browser window and type chrome://flags/#disable-spammers in the address bar to enable the tags removal script.

5. When you open the page, you should see an empty list of YouTube tags after you select one of them from the drop-down list!

How to Use the YouTube Tag Extractor to Remove Tags.

To remove tags from a video, use the YouTube Tag Extractor. This tool can be used to extract all of the tags in a video, or just specific tags. To start, insert the following code into your browser:

Thetag extractor will start extracting all of the Tags in the video. After a few minutes, you should see a list of tag information on the page. The extracted tags will be listed under the “Tags” tab. You can then select one of these tags to remove from the video:

Title: The tag you selected is removed from this video.

Description: The title and description are removed from this video.

How to Use the YouTube Tag Extractor to Embed YouTube Videos.

The YouTube Tag Extractor is a tool that allows you to remove spammy YouTube tags and embeds quickly. To use it, first open the YouTube editor and select a video to tag. Then click on the Tags button at the bottom of the editor.

Embed YouTube Videos with the YouTube Tag Extractor.

When you use the Tag Extractor, you'll need to input two pieces of information: the video title and the year. The next step is to select how you want to embed the video. You can either choose to embed it immediately or save it for later. After making your choice, click on Embed Now to startEmbeddingthevideo.


If you want to remove all the spammer's YouTube tags, you can use a simple script or a free tool. The two tools mentioned above will help you remove all the spammy tags from videos. However, if you want to embed videos with the tag extractor, it's best to use the YouTube Editor first. This way, you'll be able to add comments and other metadata without having to worry about removing the spammers'tags.