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What Is My User Agent?

A user agent, or UA, is a string of information that identifies a user's browser and operating system. When you visit a website, your Internet browser provides the website with information about your browser, operating system, device, screen resolution, and more. When the browser communicates with websites in this way, on behalf of the individual, the browser acts as a UA. You can find your user agent with the what is my user agent tool.

The purpose of UAs is to allow servers and network peers, such as websites, to identify information about the user. For clarity, this includes apps, operating systems, browsers, and browser versions, along with other technical details. This allows websites to optimize browsing experiences for people across all browsers and operating systems.

Websites that can detect UA information are able to redirect mobile clients to the mobile version of the website. This improves the customer experience and makes them more likely to return. However, not all sites have AU detection; in some cases, the lack of AU detection is what makes a website look bad on mobile.